Mixed Party Bag - For Boys or Girls

Mr Lolly's Party Bags are a great addition for any party. They're  filled to the brim with activity toys (see actual photo above of some of the example. All bags will have 9 items in them).


(Please Note: Party Bag contents may differ to that illustrated,

but we will always make sure they are as close as possible)


Magic Bubbles
Monster Playing Cards
Activity Sticker Book
Bouncy Ball
Sweet Chew
Flying Glider
Dimond Ring
Pullback Insects
Toy Solders
Jumping Bugs
Magnetic fishing game
Sweet Neckless
Giant Bouncy Balloon
Whistle Lips
Stretchy Snake or Man
Monster Teeth
and, of course, a Lolly!


 New - Boys and Girls DeLuxe Party Bags

Below, are stunningly presented and make a truly magical ending to any party.



 DeLuxe Boys Party Bag Contents

1Magic Painting Book
Amazing Catchable Bubbles
Large Bouncy Ball
Bouncy Putty
Sticky Glass Climbing Animals
Monster Stickers
Smily Face Drum
Modelling Clay
Freddo Frog Chocolate
Fruit Nugget Sweets
Sherbet Dust Straw
Giant Bouncy Balloon
Gold Pirate Coins
Mini Recorder / Flute
Wild Life Puzzles
Water Bombs
Rocket Balloon
Fruit Nugget Sweets
and, of course, a Lolly!


(Please Note: Party Bag contents may differ to that illustrated,

but we will always make sure they are as close as possible)


Skilled Face Painters - always very popular with girls and boys alike


Mr Lolly's helium filled Latex Balloons, or shiny Foil Balloons with a ribbon on them are a real favourite at children's parties - they come in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes.


Mr Lolly’s Party Piñatas are great at any children's birthday party and can be hung up indoors or outside in the garden. The children form a line and then, one at a time, they wear the Piñata blind-fold and hold the Piñata buster stick and all have a turn at hitting the Piñata until eventually all the toys or sweets fall out leaving the children to pick them all up! Supplied: Piñata, stick and blindfold. You have the option of having the Piñatas filled, or you can fill them yourself.

Mr Lolly has a wide range of Piñatas from Footballs - Clowns - Hand Bags - Lipsticks - Fairies - Mermaids - Trucks - Unicorns - Pirates - Treasure Chests - Spider Man - Hulk - Rock'n Roll Record - Ducks - and Giant Size Cakes. All these Piñatas are available subject to being in stock.


NEW FOR 2010 Disco Parties - Mr Lolly's Amazing NEW Animation Star Curtain which displays animation/graphic effects. The LED curtain that everybody is talking about! 3 metres x 2 metres  (7 colours, changing) LED video effects curtain!


The perfect way to give a last Hurrah at your party! This Cannon uses a gas powered canister to propel confetti up to 8 meters high. Recommended for indoor recreational use.


This is the latest children's craze. This 7 foot tall air driven guy will dance, swinging his arms and fingers, while bopping his head to the music. Watch him boogie! No inflation or preparation required. It will keep all the children entertained all through any party or occasion.


Introducing artificial snow over a distance of 6 meters. Now it can snow any time any day - great for all children's parties!


Mr Lolly's Bubble Machine is a great party extra. Children love dancing with the bubbles and catching them. Suitable for all ages!


The Amazing flame machines are a super-realistic natural flame alternative. Awesome illumination that captures all the passion of a real flame, yet is cool to the touch. Professional simulated 5 foot tall flames with realistic flame colour. Perfect for all your party needs.


Repeat business, recommendations and a fully booked diary - combined with hard work and the desire to be the best. "Mr Lolly again please mum!"


Telephone: 020 8540 2994 Email: info@mrlollysparties.co.uk

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